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I-55 north, near Madison, closed until mid morning

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Traffic on I-55 in Madison is running a bit smoother after an accident Wednesday morning involving an 18-wheeler, but hazmat crews are still cleaning up chemicals spilled during that accident. 

It happened in the northbound lane of I-55 around 10 a.m. near Madison Avenue. The truck ran off the road and overturned. The driver managed to escape with minor injuries.

Several gallons of peroxide and paint thinner in the trailer spilled out.

Madison Co Emergency Management Director  Butch Hammack says it's been downgraded from a hazardous situation to just a cleanup process now. 

"We have gotten the worse of the hazardous materials off the truck. It's now been accounted for," said Hammack. "Getting ready to load it and ship it out of here. (In) about two hours we'll be finished with the clean up process itself. Once we do that, we'll get the truck picked up, so I'm figuring 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning we should be wrapping this up."

A hazmat crew off loaded the chemicals by hand.

There have been a number of accidents in the same spot involving big trucks in the past year.

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