Any nuclear mishap would be addressed from central location - - Jackson, MS

Any nuclear mishap would be addressed from central location

Executives with Entergy don't anticipate any problems at Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant, but, "From a spill of chemicals all the way up to the meltdown of the reactor, we have plans in place and procedures on what we have to do for those things from the littlest to the biggest," said Christopher Lewis, Grand Gulf's Emergency Preparedness manager.

Entergy and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) have created what they believe is an essential means for communicating to the public. In the unlikely event there is some type of nuclear event, the Joint Information Center is designed to be all-inclusive, with every agency needed, at MEMA Headquarters.

"It's where the Governor and all the Entergy officials would be coming to align what the event is, the extent and depth of the event and put out the messages associated with the event," Lewis said.

"Having them in the same room is going to expedite information, make the public feel safer and allow the governor to make quicker decisions, having Entergy in this facility," said MEMA Spokesman, Greg Flynn. 

He says the Joint Information Center also includes our neighbor across the river, Louisiana. "So now we bring in the Governor's Office of Homeland Security, Louisiana's version of MEMA, their Department of Environmental Quality, who handles the radiation issues over there, Tensas Parish and also Claiborne County."

Entergy officials say emergency response plans have always been in place for Grand Gulf, but this information center helps further insure public safety.

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