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Temple Grandin speaks at autism event

Temple Grandin   Source: WLBT Temple Grandin Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Autistic activist and known for her love of livestock, Temple Grandin was at Jackson State University's E-Center today speaking to others about how she has coped with excelling with an autistic life.

"I read a book that compared it to a volcano erupting," said Margie Hollingsworth. "It just starts boiling on the inside and when it comes out, all we can do is help calm her down."

Autism and aspergers affects one in every 68 children in America. That number continues to grow.

"Advocating and getting the word out about autism and the rates is very important," said Melinda Todd. "Education is very powerful for parents."

Advocates and parents with children who cope with autism and aspergers, like Margie Hollingsworth and Melinda Todd, came to listen to world renowned speaker Temple Grandin, who has dealt with autism since she was a child.

"Today I am a professor of animal science at Colorado State University," said Grandin. "But when I was three years old I had all of the symptoms of severe autism; no speech, rocking. I was very lucky to get into a really great early educational intervention."

Grandin says education is what can empower and create a change for children dealing with the disorder.

"When I was a young child my ability in art was always encouraged," added Grandin. "You might have another kind of kid that they are really good at math. Well, let the third grader do the sixth grade math or eighth grade math. Build on the strength."

Listeners say seeing Grandin's success is a true inspiration to their families.

"Temple Grandin has been a great inspiration to us," said Hollingsworth. We love her movie, we love her life. It gives us hope that with her strengths that she can be very important, she can contribute to our society and be valuable."

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