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Brandon PD responds to child's dog bite

(Source: WLBT) (Source: WLBT)
(Source: WLBT) (Source: WLBT)

A Brandon couple is searching for answers after their 10-year-old son was attacked by a dog during the annual Brandon Christmas parade.

Diego Reinoso suffered bites to his cheek and neck and had to get six stitches. 

Meanwhile his parents are upset because they feel they haven't received clear answers from police. We have reaction from both parties.

"I was very scared. I didn't know what was going to happen," said Diego. 

Diego is recovering after he says he was attacked by what police describe as a large breed dog.

"I asked the owner if I could pet it and he said yes. And I guess the dog was growling on the inside, but it seemed like he was shivering and when I pet him like two or three times that's when he jumped and bit me on my neck," Diego added.

We obtained photos from the family that show Diego's injuries. 

Brandon Police Chief William Thompson said witnesses observed Diego playing rough with the dog and the owner allegedly asked Diego to stop, but his parents said that's not what happened.

"The owner held the dog underneath his mouth so my son can pet him. And the next thing my son says is he was on the ground when the dog threw him to the concrete and was just shaking him back and forth until he passed out," Diego's mother, Misty Reinoso said.

Chief Thompson said Diego was unsupervised during the attack, but his parents said a family friend was about 15 feet away from him.

Diego's father rushed him to the hospital.

Chief Thompson said an officer's report stated a male identifying himself as the child's stepfather arrived on the scene shortly after the attack and told the fire department, who responded as well, to cancel AMR and that the child would be transported to the hospital via private vehicle.

His parents were worried the dog may have not been up to date with his shots.

Chief Thompson said according to Brandon's Animal Control, the dog was vaccinated and that information was given to the Reinosos and the hospital over the phone.

But, the Reinosos still have unanswered questions in regards to the investigation and they want the dog put to sleep.

"We're scared to death as parents, we want answers we want answers," added Misty Reinoso.

"We were told wait till Monday, wait till Monday," Reinoso added. 

Chief Thomas said officers explained to the family if (the family) witnessed the attack, then charges could be filed.

Saturday's story stated the family was also upset that officers did not come to the hospital to speak with them.

Chief Thompson responded, "We had no need to respond to the hospital because we had gotten the information we needed on the scene, including witness statements. There was no threat to the child's life. We would not have allowed the child to be transported by private vehicle if his life had been in danger."

As Diego recovers from his injuries, he says he's learned a huge lesson in all of this.

"Don't just go up to some random dogs and go ask the owner to pet him because you never know what he might do," Diego added.

Police are still investigating.

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