Copiah County landowner charged with 'animal cruelty' in horse c - - Jackson, MS

Copiah County landowner charged with 'animal cruelty' in horse case

Jerry Earls. Source: Copiah Sheriff's Department Jerry Earls. Source: Copiah Sheriff's Department
COPIAH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The Copiah County Sheriff has confirmed they have arrested Jerry Earls in relation to the horses found on his property. Earls is facing 4 counts of Animal Cruelty, misdemeanors, for allegedly neglecting to get horses proper medical care.

According to Sheriff Harold Jones, one horse has an old gunshot wound. Two others have infected injuries and another unable to walk due to a leg injury.

So far, 90 to 95 horses have been accounted for. 14 horses were found dead and not buried - another clear cut violation of state law.

These horses were seized by the sheriff and they are in the custody and care of a local veterinarian.

The investigation into the rotting carcasses of some 20 horses began last weekend in Crystal Springs.

The images posted by Justice for Copiah County Horses on Facebook were taken by a couple looking to lease the land. 

Dead horses and weanlings were found dumped in piles, a bloody mare still alive and trapped in a feed trough too weak to get out, all allegedly acquired by self proclaimed horse trader, Jerry Earls. 

Earls talked to us on Monday saying: "Ya know I hate all this happened but it did." 

Fifty-nine year old Jerry Earls was previously indicted and convicted of larceny of livestock in 2012. 

In that case, Earls admitted stealing a bull and 42 cows and calves. 

As of now we don't know the exact charges he'll face in this new case. 

The State has quarantined the horses, and we are told selling them would be illegal. 

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