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Craft beer brewed in Jackson headed to store shelves

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Lucky Town Brewing Company, the first and only brewery in Jackson is making history again. 

The company, which specializes in making craft beer, started canning their beer on Wednesday. That means you'll start seeing Lucky Town's product on store shelves soon.

Thanks to technology ,Lucky Town Brewing Company co-owner Chip Jones said the process of  canning---or filling up empty cans with Lucky Town Pub Ale---is pretty simple and quick.
"It fills about a case a minute. Basically these cans behind us here they're just empty printed cans they'll fill them up with beer, then slap a lid on top and then seam it then we'll pack it in the back in cans and ship it out," said Jones.
For the past two years the brewery has sold their beer in kegs and in draft form. So canning is historic because customers will finally be able to purchase Lucky Town beer in stores.
"This is the first time people will actually take a can home or to the golf course or to the beach or to the pool," said Jones.
In addition to quenching your taste buds, Lucky Town's owners said they're also focused on improving the local economy.
"All the cans were designed by a local artist here in Mid-town, so we just like creating jobs, becoming a big part of the local economy and supporting local businesses," said Jones.
The brewers said their Lucky Town Pub Ale should be in stores around the metro area before Christmas. They also plan to sale their beer statewide at some point in the future.

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