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Walt's Look Around: Fall Colors

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It's the time of year for shopping malls or on-line shopping, and decorating and gift wrapping, and lots of other in-door stuff.

But out-doors, we are in the most colorful few weeks of the year.

I try to get this shot about this time every year. Well, every year that I remember to try to get it, anyway. And I let it slip a few days beyond what would have been perfect THIS year. But, too busy with other things and I let it slip my mind. Can't think that far ahead with more immediate problems looming.

The shot I wanted to get is the sun setting directly behind downtown Jackson from the perspective of that first hill the other side of the airport. And as I waited for the shot that at best would just clip the south end of downtown, I realized I wasn't alone being caught up in the bustle of life.

On Lakeland Drive, cars crawling along like ants in formation scurrying home at the end of the day.

And it's hard to rise above all of the complexity of life. Even up above that's a planeload of travelers leaving just at sunset, their next stop, Hartsfield in Atlanta, where it's just as complicated inside the airport as the roadways are here.

But take some time this time of year to look up from the roadway for a minute. Because we live in a fortunate piece of geography in that while other parts of the nation are shoveling snow for Thanksgiving Weekend, we are basking in the peak of fall color here.

Oh some trees have already shed all their leaves for winter and others can't seem to wait to do so. But so many more are just now maxing out on their chroma for the season. Hickories are blazing yellow right now on the country roads. Bradford pears are flaming reds and accent almost every drive home in town.

I think fall was made for trees and trees for fall. Neither would be what they are without the other. And the deepest fall comes after the sun, on its trip southward toward the winter solstice, clears downtown Jackson until sometime around the first of February when it inches back north again.

But even after sunset, the color doesn't stop. Nor does the rushing. Clouds rushing north out of the Gulf to join in on the New England snow storm. Birds calling it a day flock home. And the fading color fades into a chilly night.

And each chilly morning reveals a little less of this brilliant color than the day before. So don't miss it while it's here. And when it's gone, the color of our decorations indoors will carry us into the new year.?

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