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Tchula woman may have been hit with car before murder

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
HOLMES COUNTY, MS (WLBT) -  The victim's body was found dumped in a rural field in the Mississippi delta, about a mile outside of Tchula.

The body of 30 year old Bettina Crigler was found early Saturday morning by a group of hunters off Howard road. Sheriff Willie March says, upon examination, it appears she suffered blunt force trauma, possibly struck by a car. 

"She had injuries like she had been hit by a car in that area," said Sheriff March. "We don't know where she was cause there's not a lot of blood there, so that tells us she may not have been hit there, but we're still investigating."

Mary Falls, Crigler's aunt, says she was disgusted when she heard of her possible cause of death.

"Run over, a human, you don't run over an animal like that," said Falls. "A animal don't deserve to be run over.  No animal, nobody, not even a human. You don't treat a human the way you treat an animal."

Falls says she last saw Crigler Friday afternoon, walking through town. Now investigators are trying to find out where she went, and who she may have been with.

"Were trying to track her movements that night," added Sheriff March. "So far we haven't had anyone to tell us where they saw her last that night."

Sheriff March says he believes Crigler could have been killed, then her body possibly moved to the corn field.

"Somebody know something, what happened, but nobody really talking," said Falls, who is hoping for a quick arrest.  But it needs to come out, got to come out cause it's wrong."

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