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Former cowboy gets holiday help


"Like Lilly, bless her heart, she's never had a dresser that would stay together," John Blough said, referring to his daughter.

This, from a man who's slept in a chair the past three years.

"Now we've got a queen size bed. It's going to take me a good while to get used to that because I've been sleeping in a chair for so long. I thank God everyday since I got that phone call. It's unbelievable."

Bough is the first of four recipients of a major furniture donation from the Miskelly Season of Giving.

"We hope what we've delivered will work well for him and his family. Get a good night's sleep. He'll actually be able to sleep on a queen size bed. As you heard, he's sleeping on a chair," said Mark Waters with Miskelly Furniture.

A Rankin County native, Blough is just now getting back on his feet after having to retire from the Pearl Fire Department in 1997.

"I got into something toxic and apparently, it caused me to code on a call. They had to shock me and bring me back," Blough said.

Blough has immersed himself in Ministry, most recently the organization COWBOYS, an image of his family and his beliefs; Christ. Outstanding. Work. Benefiting. Our. Youth. Studied. COWBOYS.

"He has given back to Pearl, his local community, so much. From the fire department to the Rodeo Christian show he was doing and to now, even going into nursing homes," Waters said.

"You know, I gave my life to the city of Pearl just to try to help other people. Lot of people have told me, it's a waste of time. No, it's not. Giving is everything. It's just a great blessing. Little things in life, you just take for granted. It's just great," Blough said.

Nominations are still being accepted for Miskelly Season of Giving. You can find a nomination form at this MS News Now Link.

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