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Walt Grayson hunts for ghosts at Beauvoir

Beauvoir scoreboard Source: WLBT Beauvoir scoreboard Source: WLBT
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One of the old holiday songs says, “It's The Time of Year to”, among other things, “Tell Scary Ghost Stories.” 

Well, Walt Grayson followed along on a ghost hunt in an old house this past weekend. And it wasn't just any old house, it was Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis in Biloxi. 

Walt says, “For me, it isn't so much what we found, as what found ME!”

Beauvoir almost became a ghost itself when it was bashed by hurricane Katrina. 

But primarily the storm just knocked the porches off, leaving the core of the house very restorable. And now that it has been restored, a group of ghost hunters is here tonight to see if any of the ghosts are still hanging around.

One of the “ghost hunters" in the cemetery asks, “What is your name? Can you tell us your name?”

I suppose anyone who isn't already convinced otherwise wonders if there really is such a thing as a ghost. Even ghost hunters wonder. That's why some of them hunt. 

One of our hunters admits, “I've seen video from other people but I've yet to have my ‘ah-ha' moment.”

And almost immediately after going to the cemetery ghostly things happen to the equipment. I ask, “What happened?” My hunters reply, “Our batteries died, our batteries.”

And the meter that registers electromagnetic fields goes off the chart in several places in the cemetery. 

A ghost hunter explains, “And there is no overhead power lines, there's no underground utilities, there's absolutely no reason for a high amount of EMF to be in a cemetery other than paranormal activity.”

At the command center outside at the back steps, monitors show the infrared cameras that continuously watch over several places inside the house at once, automatically registering when it detects movement in its line of sight. Sometimes the ghost hunters themselves in the house trip the signal. 

But oftentimes the little motion icon comes on when nothing is visible on screen. Although things have been seen at Beauvoir, especially in photographs.

One of the Beauvoir docents says about a picture she has seen, “You see a silhouette of a woman in a white dress… “

When I accompanied the troop inside the house, we concentrated on sound, not sight. Not bumps in the night kind of sound, but sound from scanning devices randomly spitting out words gathered from the airwaves.

Questions are asked and the device is offered to any spirit with which to compose a response.

A ghost hunter calls a name heard from the scanner? “Mr. Albert?”

The device responds, “What?”

The ghost hunter confirms, “What.”

We were getting more random noise than anything. Until I heard it start calling my name. “Walt.”

A ghost hunter asks, “Did it say Walt?”

The device continued, “Walt,” much to the delight of the ghost hunters. The device went on, “Walt, Walt, Walt, Walt…”

Ya know, I'm still a skeptic. I will be until I have MY “ah-ha moment” although I doubt I'll simply say just “ah-ha” if I ever do. 

So I don't mind an occasional ghost hunt, gives you a chance to see old places in a new light, or dark. I don't mind so long as I can stay the hunter, and not the hunted!

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