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PERS checks delayed for many Mississippi retirees

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December direct deposit payments to retirees and benefit recipients of the Public Employees' Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) were delayed due to someone in their office making a processing error.

"You have a file that's transferred from our records to Regions that shows the individual's information, their banking and routing numbers and the amount that's supposed to go into the bank," explained Executive Director Pat Robertson. "And what happened is that file was just not transmitted."

All paper check benefits were mailed, as usual. Executive Director Pat Robertson issued this statement:

“We sincerely apologize to our direct deposit customers. We have transmitted the necessary files to our bank, Regions, so that these deposits will be made as soon as possible. Recipients who bank with Regions should receive deposits today, while all other direct deposit retirees should receive payments tomorrow. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, frustration, and worry this has caused many of our benefit recipients. We have processes in place to ensure incidents like this will not happen and are investigating why these processes failed and will hold those responsible accountable. We know our retirees and benefit recipients rely on us to ensure timely payments. We take that responsibility seriously and hope the trust we have built with those we serve will remain.”

We're told that most Regions bank customers should have had the money in their account by pp.m.. Customers of other banks should have funds deposited by p.m.. Those should be available by the morning of December 2.

Mattie Wade is one of the retirees who was left wondering what happened. She worked for the Department of Human Services for 20 years. She retired two years ago. Since then, she's tried to be careful with her money. That's why she was shocked when she called for her bank statement.

"This is the holiday," said Wade. "Everybody is buying. And you expect your money to be there. When you look at your money's not there, that causes problems. I mean, huge problems."

Wade schedules bill payments and racked up at least $200 in overdraft charges as a result of the delayed deposit.

Those who have incurred overdraft fees should contact PERS at either 800-444-7377 or 601-359-3589 and ask for the Benefits Payments Division. You may be directed to an automated message explaining more.

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