More than 100 malnourished, wounded and dead horses found - - Jackson, MS

More than 100 malnourished, wounded and dead horses found

(Source: WLBT) (Source: WLBT)
(Source: WLBT) (Source: WLBT)
COPIAH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Alicia Armstrong and her husband Scott went to look at land on Saturday in Crystal Springs so that they could expand their horse ranch. 

They say that what they found at a site on Deeds Road was alarming.

The Armstrongs say that they found nearly 100 malnourished, wounded and dead horses on the property.

"The conditions were terrible. I mean the horses looked [emaciated] and just terrible. It was not acceptable in any shape or form," Alicia Armstrong said.

Her husband took pictures of the site and notified the property owner, who had no idea the horses were in such bad shape because he was leasing the land to someone else.

"We climbed the fence to get on the other side and there was horses missing eyes, could only walk on three legs and the smell was just awful," Scott Armstrong said.

The Armstrongs then contacted the Copiah County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Harold Jones says he's been to the site with animal health officials and his department is investigating.

But, on Sunday morning when the Armstrongs returned to the site they say all of the remnants of the dead horses were gone.

"They dumped them somewhere in Texas and said it was just a convoy of horse cradles and they didn't have no paperwork, health certificates on them and they was unloading the horses and everything over there in Texas," Scott Armstrong added.

WLBT spoke with Chief Investigator Melton Twiner who says that the horses have been moved, but not to Texas.

Pictures of the horses went viral and horse advocates are furious.

"How does something like that exactly seep through the cracks and that's the question a lot of us have been asking since yesterday evening when the gentleman posted the pictures until they were seized in Texas," asked Sandra Tomasco, Horse Advocate.

The Armstrongs are hoping something is done and they want this situation to raise awareness about a larger problem going on in Mississippi.

"Mississippi has some of the lightest laws for animal cruelty and they really need to tighten this up because this was uncalled for," Scott Armstrong says.

"There's rescues all over Mississippi and Texas. I mean we've had tons of people come to our Facebook page saying what can we do to help where can we adopt some, what can we do," his wife adds.

Chief Investigator Twiner says that Jerry Earls is the man leasing the property. So far he has not been charged, but an investigation is ongoing. 

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