Pre-Black Friday sales abound in metro area - - Jackson, MS

Pre-Black Friday sales abound in metro area

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Hundreds of shoppers all over the metro are still taking advantage of some pre-Black Friday deals.

While some are taking a breather to concentrate on their strategies for Friday, others keep going, fueled by Thanksgiving leftovers and caffeine.

"This is our fifteenth year in line for Toys 'R' Us, and we stand out in the cold every year to get the kids' toys," shopper Melissa Townsend said. 

Townsend drove all the way from her home in Vicksburg to take part in the Thanksgiving Day deals, which puts a bit of a strain on the schedule because of the holidays.

"It was really better whenever they did start the hours a little later because we did have more family time, but fortunately our family meets for Thanksgiving lunch, so we were able to get here and still have our family time," Townsend said.

Some national retailers opened their doors at 6 a.m. Thursday, leaving no time for turkey.

Cowboy Maloney's owner Con Maloney said they decided to open later to give their employees time to enjoy the holiday.

"The national companies, unfortunately, they don't worry about the local situation as much as we do," Maloney said. "So, I'd just as soon not do it at all, but as long as anybody else is doing it, even if they're not local, we're gonna do something to match them."

That being said, some bargain hunters say it's never too early for good deals.

"I ate my turkey at 8 a.m. and got out here at 2 p.m," Flora resident Cornelius Jackson said. "So come on out. If you're on the couch, you're late."

In many cases, families will take care of all their Christmas shopping with just one really long night, meaning this early shopping is just a prelude to Black Friday.

"This is just my first stop," Jackson said.

"We usually start here and continue until 2 o'clock [Black Friday] afternoon," Townsend said.

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