Find Me Group will not come to Mississippi to search for Myra Le - - Jackson, MS

Find Me Group will not come to Mississippi to search for Myra Lewis

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Myra Lewis' parents have asked the Find Me Group to come to Mississippi and conduct it's own search for Myra. The request was made after Sheriff Randy Tucker's news conference saying they had followed up the followed up in the Group's theories and found nothing.

In the report, according to the Sheriff, were two scenarios: one involved an abduction theory, and possible whereabouts of Myra Lewis. The other scenario was not revealed, but gave numerous GPS locations that needed to be searched. 

Sheriff Tucker said his office thoroughly investigated; searched, dug, talked to people, and even used dogs based on information provided in the report, with no luck in finding Myra, or finding places that Myra may have been. 

The Find Me Group's founder, Kelly Snyder, says they will not be coming to Mississippi at this point, and released this statement:

"I am convinced by my conversation with the lead detective that they have done their due diligence in following up on our leads."

Snyder adds that he spoke with the detective at length, and while certain confidential information simply cannot be shared with the family or public, he is convinced (based on his own experience in search efforts) that the Sheriff's Dept. is busting their tails to "do the right things for Myra" in this case. 

Monday, December 1st marks nine months since 2 year old Myra Lewis went missing from her Camden, Mississippi home. She remains the only child with an active Amber Alert status in the United States.

Myra's 3rd birthday is Sunday, November 30.

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