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$111,000 in donations may not save Stewpot shelters

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In mid November we learned of Stewpot's plans to close to emergency shelters because of a lack of funding. Public pleas have raised thousands of dollars for the shelters. But officials with the charity organization say the huge donations still aren't enough.

In one day Stewpot received donations and pledges of more than $100,000.00 aimed at saving the shelters. Despite those financial commitments the non-profit agency says it will only be able to operate for 43 more days.

Tuesday the Stewpot board of directors announced that the closing date for the Billy Brumfield House and Matt's House is extended until January 7th 2015.

Monday, Sanderson Farms Century Club Charities presented Stewpot with $55,340.00. Later that evening , the City of Jackson allocated $38,740.00 in an emergency shelter matching grant.

Stewpot also reported that a group of businessmen donated $17,000.00, bringing the total for the shelters to $111, 082 dollars.

"She asked if this money would be applied to the Brumfield and Matt's House deficit, and the answer is I don't see how it can be. We are half a million dollars behind where we were this year," Stewpot Exec. Director Rev. Frank Spencer told the Jackson City Council.

Despite the flurry of contributions and a pledge for thousands more from Mississippi M.O.V.E. and Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, there is no guarantee that the two shelters will continue operating in 2015.

Stewpot's executive director says the agency's $1.8 million budget supports 17 ministries.

On November 25 the Stewpot board voted to close only the two emergency shelters after regular contributions from HUD and the United Way ended.

"Will we still be at this same point of discussion next year," asked Council President De'Keither Stamps.

"I can't tell you that it won't be," responded Spencer. "I can tell you that we're gonna do everything that we can to locate the grants that would be available to bridge the gap for these shelters." 

"This is the best that we could do without taking funding from other entities that are out there," said Gus McCoy, Jackson's Chief Administrative Officer.

But Council Vice President Melvin Priester Jr and Stamps are still scrambling to find other funds.

Spencer told the Jackson City council that Hinds County Supervisors are waiting to see how much the city contributed.

The Board of Supervisors meets Monday.

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