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Cell video confiscated in reported rape of 12 year old girl

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Utica police are investigating the reported rape of a 12 year old girl. Now, search warrants have been issued for cell phone video that could bring this case to a close. 

Angela Bingham says a pre-Halloween celebration is a real-life nightmare for her 12 year old daughter. "She just shut down. She didn't want to talk about it, said Bingham. "She's trying to forget about it. But she's going to have to talk about it. Everything is already out. Everybody knows." 

Utica Police Chief Timothy Myles says the reported incident occurred at a neighborhood baseball field, in a facility known as the Blue House. It has a press box, concessions and bathrooms. On the night of October 30, police believe someone broke the lock off the women's restroom and a sex crime may have taken place behind those doors.

"There was a video. They were recordings of the whole altercation, what was going on with her," Bingham said of the incident involving her 6th grade daughter." 

One of those videos is in the possession of the Utica Police Department.

"There are two videos that are supposed to have been out. One, short one. One, long one," said Chief Myles. "Hopefully this information that we have, the devices (cell phones) we have, we can retrieve any information off of that will help us with our case." 

Chief Myles says it appears what happened that night involved a number of people.

"All I can tell you is there is going to be a pretty good, many but not a definite number," added the chief.

"I was told the youngest was 14. The oldest, maybe 19, soon to be 20," Bingham said.  "I just need justice for my daughter so that she can feel safe and go on with her life. By this happening, it takes a toll on a child, by her being so young. Things like this shouldn't be happening in a community so small."

Once the investigation is complete, Chief Myles says he does expect arrests in the case.

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