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Mississippi Senate race vote analysis

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

We wanted to take a closer look at the factors that gave Thad Cochran the edge in Tuesday's election. He walked away with 60% of the vote.

This re-election campaign brought new challenges for Cochran. Republican strategist Henry Barbour provided some analysis of the results. First on the list, did Chris McDaniel voters make the wave they predicted?

"The protest vote just didn't really materialized in any kind of meaningful way," Barbour explained. "And I think mostly because it just didn't make sense to go vote, if you're conservative one with you but keep Harry Reid as the majority leader?"

The numbers indicate little change for Cochran, even in McDaniel territory.

"Forrest County, which is down in the Pine Belt and was in McDaniel's strong hold, Senator Cochran got 64% yesterday," Barbour said. "Six years ago, he got 64.5%. So really immaterial."

DeSoto County is another spot Barbour pointed to for the failure of a "protest vote".

"Senator Cochran got 67% there last night,: Barbour noted about DeSoto County. "And six years ago against weaker opponent we got 71%. So not a lot of change."

Another "if" in the race was the African American vote. Issaquena County stuck out as Barbour crunched the numbers. Cochran received over half the vote.

"I'm going back and look to try to figure out when is the last time a Republican carried Issaquena county in a competitive race," Barbour described. "And looking back now 10 years I couldn't find any Republican competitive race that won Issaquena County."

Barbour says they stuck with the Senator from the runoff to Tuesday.

"Could be that Senator Cochran statewide the number may end up being very close to 20% of the African-American vote," said Barbour. "It could be even higher than that."

Barbour believes folks voted according to who they thought would get the country back on the right track.

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