Thieves steal A/C units from church - - Jackson, MS

Thieves steal A/C units from church


Police are investigating the theft of air conditioning units at a Jackson church.

Thieves cut through a fence and took one unit and attempted to take a second from Abounding Grace World Healing Church.

The church is located at 159 Fredrica Avenue. Pastor Marvin Johnson said the break in happened Thursday night sometime between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. the following day.

Two of the church's five a/c units were taken from the front of the building. One was left damaged. Officials estimate the losses, including unit and fence replacement, will be around $20,000.00.

"They snatched our air conditioning unit out and then they turned around and they took another one, laid it over to the side. I'm guessing that they were planning on coming back to get it but I guess they got spooked, and they left it over here," said Abounding Grace Church Pastor Marvin Johnson.

Church officials say are now installing security cameras and hope the public can help police locate those responsible. 

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