McDaniel holds "Truth Tours" across Magnolia State - - Jackson, MS

McDaniel holds "Truth Tours" across Magnolia State

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

It's the Senate Race that never seems to end.

State Senator Chris McDaniel's "Truth Tour" is making its way around the Magnolia State.

"I've been told that this is going to end my future political career, so be it so be it, it's bigger than me"

Saturday afternoon in front of a room full of his supporters in Pearl, State Senator Chris McDaniel says he's not giving up to expose illegal voting that he believes happened last month during the Senate Republican runoff, "I've been told that this is going to end my future political career, so be it so be it, it's bigger than me."

"This race had to happen to expose the differences in the Republican Party this race had to happen on the 24th to expose the dirty underbelly of the Republican Party," McDaniel explained.

McDaniel who loss to Thad Cochran last month, criticized his campaign for race-bating, buying votes and FEC violations.

The Cochran campaign says the allegations are false. In response to these "truth tours," the Cochran campaign spokesperson says they are focusing on the general election in November.

McDaniel and his legal team are still planning on challenging this election in the courts. He says they are still collecting evidence.

"What it boils down to now is the other 22 courthouses we still have not been granted access to we have to gather the evidence. We already have substantial evidence of wrong doing," McDaniel said.

The latest in this senate race debacle is McDaniel's lawyers filed a motion to rehear the Mississippi Supreme Court decision to not hand over the unfiltered poll books.

"Those poll books were an indispensable part of any conclusion that would have occurred that would have allowed those to cross over from June 3rd to June 24th, we think we are entitled to that and we don't think we should be made to pay $100,000 to get access to that"

"I'm very inspired by what he says, he's willing to fight for what he believes, he believes he's right, he believes it's time for him to step up and stand up against corruption," said Margaret Moize, a McDaniel supporter.

Corruption, he and his supporters say, is dividing the Republican Party.

"We're not just trying to waste a bunch of money and time fighting a court challenge, we are trying to clean up the system and that's one of the primary reasons we are fighting this, the first thing is we have to make sure Mississippi election system maintains its integrity and secondly we have to make sure the Republican Party maintain it's integrity as well," McDaniel said.

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