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Both families heartbroken about Yazoo County shooting

Blake Kirk  Source: Family Blake Kirk Source: Family
Shooting Scene  Source: WLBT Shooting Scene Source: WLBT
Chris Williams  Source: Yazoo County Sheriff's Dept. Chris Williams Source: Yazoo County Sheriff's Dept.

Yazoo County authorities continue to investigate a shooting death that happened over the weekend.

Sheriff Jacob Sheriff said Chris Williams shot and killed Shannon Blake Kirk at his home on Center Ridge Road Saturday evening. Both families are heartbroken about what happened.

"Really just knocked to the floor, definitely heartbroken,"said Shayne Kirk, father of Shannon Blake Kirk. "My son had a very, very caring heart. He loved children, he loved his family, he loved outdoors"

Investigators say Kirk showed up to Chris Williams home on Center Ridge Road with two friends Saturday.

"There was a gun that was stolen from Chris's vehicle," said Kirk's father. "The gun was actually returned several days later by someone else but he accused Blake of being the one to do the robbery."

Police believe Kirk had returned to Williams home to tell him that he had the wrong guy.

"My nephew told him that if he came in the house that he was going to shoot him because he was afraid," said William Rogers, Chris Williams' uncle. "My nephew is 5'6 maybe 130 pounds."

Police say Williams shot Kirk four times. Family members of Williams claim he was acting in self-defense.

"It's a sad situation on both sides. You never want to see nothing like this but the guy had a chance to leave he should have left," said Rogers. "They fought. If it was intentional murder, he would have shot him in the yard, since it was inside of his home, it was self-defense." Williams said.  

Kirk's family says it shouldn't have come to gun violence, and now they have to bury their loved one over a situation they believe could have been avoided.

"It didn't need to come to the death of anyone," Kirk explained.  "Faith, faith, that's the only thing that's holding us up and the people that don't have it, I don't know how they go through times like this."

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