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Friends and neighbors stunned by Mayfield shooting

William Mayfield. Source: Jackson Police Department William Mayfield. Source: Jackson Police Department
Susan Mayfield. Source: Facebook Susan Mayfield. Source: Facebook
44 St. Andrews Drive, Jackson 44 St. Andrews Drive, Jackson
William C Mayfield Jr, MD. Source: Vitals.com William C Mayfield Jr, MD. Source: Vitals.com

Wednesday night's fatal shooting of Susan Mayfield, 67, by her husband,  retired Dr. William Mayfield, has left many along St. Andrews Drive stunned.

One of Mayfield's neighbors told us that she didn't want to be interviewed out of respect for the couple's privacy. More than one person said the two were private and kept to themselves.  

However, Jackson Academy teacher Harriett Eppes saw them regularly at times. Eppes taught the couple's three children.  

"They were dedicated to each other and their children, their children's school, their church, and their friends," Eppes said. "[They were] just remarkable people."  

Eppes said she can't wrap her head around what caused the incident.  

Jackson Police say it appeared a dispute between the two took place before the 66-year-old doctor shot his wife with a shotgun in the stomach, but even the dispute, Eppes says, is out of character for the couple.  

"The people that I knew, this would have been something that I never would have imagined happening," Eppes said.  

Others agree. Friends say the two frequented the Courthouse fitness facility nearby.   The owner said they were both as friendly as could be, to each other and other people.  

Still, others said Dr. Mayfield's recent diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and the ensuing physical and mental stress led to the shooting. Authorities have not yet revealed a motive.  

For so many like Eppes, there are too many questions and not enough answers.  

"The people that I knew, they were such a loving couple, such a Godly couple," Eppes said. "I just can't even imagine what brought them to this point."

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