Lumumba says he'll continue to work for the people - - Jackson, MS

Lumumba says he'll continue to work for the people


Chokwe Antar Lumumba said despite Tuesday night's loss, he'll continue to do the work of Jackson.

During his concession speech at Fondren Hall, he thanked his wife, family and supporters for a good campaign.

Supporters cheered him, yelling one city, one aim, one destiny, his campaigns slogan.

During his concession speech he says that although he lost, the mission continues and he still will work. He said his campaign was all about the people.

"And I'm proud of you, don't hold your heads down for one second because you did exactly what you needed to do, and let me tell you this, the people's mission still continues and won't stop, it won't stop," Lumumba said.

He received 46 percent of the votes compared to Yarber's 54 percent. The son of the late Mayor Chokwe Lumumba says he's unsure if he'll run again in the future, but he is proud of his campaign.

"We're disappointed, but you know we are still happy with what we did," said Lumumba. The people came out and they fought. You know, I thanked every person in this room and I think that it doesn't stop right now, I think that we have to continue to work, we have to continue to build Jackson and so we're committed to doing that," he explained.

Lumumba also congratulated his opponent, Tony Yarber. Reporter Annette Peagler asked Lumumba if he felt he made his father proud. He responded,

"I surely hope so, I thank both my mom and dad for instilling great values in me, I know they are smiling down from above," Lumumba said.

Election commissioners have until Friday to certify the special runoff election.

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