Sheriff says he wants pit bulls banned in Holmes County - - Jackson, MS

Holmes County pit bull owner returning dogs to shelter


The owner of two pit bulls that attacked a man in Durant Tuesday will return the dogs to the shelter in Columbus, Mississippi, where he got them.

Craig Davis says the dogs attacked him as he walked home from work Tuesday.

"I don't know how they got loose, but they came from behind a house," said Davis. "He locked his mouth on my arm but somehow I freed from it and the other dog was down here on my leg."

The owner of the dogs, Lindsay Pace, was cited for not having liability insurance, which is required by Durant's animal regulation ordinance, which specifies that any dangerous animal must be covered by liability insurance.

Davis says he was lucky, but he adds if something isn't done soon, another person could lose their life.

"You never know about them dogs," said Davis. "I mean if you get them from a rescue league you don't know what breed they come from, the blood line that they come from. They could have been mistreated."

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March is doing whatever he can to get pit bulls banned in the county. Sheriff March says complaints about these animals are pouring in and he wants an ordinance before more lives are lost.

"We got a call today one had got loose and went to a neighbor house and caught their dog," said March. "By the time the deputy got there this dog was still holding on to the neighbor pet."

Sheriff March says he's working with the board of supervisors to try to get an ordinance to get vicious dogs banned in Holmes County.

"At this point we are basically seeing what the board of supervisors board lawyer will come up with in the meantime I myself have been receiving information from other departments and going to look at their policies," Sheriff March explained.

There are ordinances in Lexington and Durant but there is no county wide ban and Sheriff March says that's needed.

"A Pit Bull is a different dog to me," said Sheriff March. "When they bite, they bite to kill. It ain't like a regular dog that bite you and leave you be but these dogs it's in their blood to fight until they kill you."

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