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Canton families evacuated


High water has caused evacuations of some homes in Canton. Cameron Street is completely flooded and now closed. Residents say it's an ongoing problem.

Earlier Monday, some of the people who live on Cameron were evacuated because of the weather and they say they're use to it every time there's a heavy rain.

"I've been living like this for years," said George Jones. "I can't do nothing about it."  

George Jones has been living on Cameron Street for years and says every time strong storms and torrential rain hit Canton, high water surrounds his house.

"About 12, I had went to sleep," said Jones. "I woke back up it (water) was up to the porch so we just called the fire department.  

Emergency crews evacuated two homes on Cameron that included an elderly couple and a man who was bound to a wheel chair. They encouraged others to leave too.  But some are staying because they say they're use to it.

"It floods out really really bad once a lot of rain and stuff and weather like this and it just...this is what happens," said Crisseda Chambers. 

Complaints have been made to the city of Canton, but nothing has been done. Some people say it's a drainage problem. 

"When I seen this water this morning ma'am, I got out my house," said Eric Harris. "I thought I was going to go to work but I ain't go to work but I had to go in my drain and pull all types of sticks, beer bottles, pop tops."

Until a solution is found, these residents are left finding dry shelter.  

"Maybe move over a couple of blocks see if we can go to some friends house," said Chambers.

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