More flooding may follow expected rain - - Jackson, MS

More flooding may follow expected rain



Storms are expected to hit our area Sunday night.

Whenever we receive heavy rain Westbrook Drive typically becomes flooded causing headaches for the people who live on the road and for drivers.

The Purple Creek that runs along Northeast Jackson was overflowing a couple of days ago.
The high water goes along Westbrook Drive flooding it because it's a low lying area.
You can see (in this video) there is still some flooding still there from last week's storms. 

The homeowners in this area, particularly on Romany Drive a street off of Westbrook say flooding is always a problem when there is a consistent rain.  

"It was bad, but it wasn't just really really bad. Over here our streets get really, really flooded. It be a trouble trying to get in from work trying to get into the house because there's water everywhere... doorstep. Sometimes in my neighbors yard the water will get up into their yard because of the creek, said resident Courtney McCoy. 

McCoy said he sometimes puts sandbags around his doors to keep the water from coming in.

Officials say the purple creek typically crests when it rains steadily.

We'll be monitoring it and the Pearl River in the upcoming days. 



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