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Woman tries to save drowning victim in Yazoo City


A woman who tried to save the little girl who tragically drowned in Yazoo City last week talked about her failed attempt.

Patruana Hudson, 9, washed away in the flood waters Sunday night, while playing in her back yard. A strong current took her under.

Tashica Greenwood says she saw the little girl's arms in the flood waters of the canal she was in while she was driving.

"She was just waiving her hand I was telling her, we made eye contact, I was like hold on I'm coming, I'm coming I said when I get down here to the stop sign I want you to grab my coat, I said I got the other end you just grab this end," said Greenwood. "Before she could even just reach, she was gone."  

Greenwood says she is still haunted by the image.

Wednesday night, family and friends held a candle light vigil in Patruana's honor.  Her mother, Fanny Hudson is still grieving and says she will be for a while.

"That was my 3rd child out of 7 kids," said Hudson. "No mother wants to lose their child so I just can't say I'm going to get closure. "She was the fun one, she was the joker, she was the one with a kind heart."

Hudson says if it wasn't for those men her baby could be still floating in the water.

"I just thank those gentlemen that did that," she said. " I don't know all their names but half of them, but I truly do and may God bless them," she said. 

Greenwood says she wishes she could have done more. She says if there's anything to learn from this is to learn how to swim.

"Maybe she was like okay I'm going to be saved and I kind have been blaming myself because I'm like maybe if I could have swim my first instinct would have probably been just to dive in," Greenwood said.

Patruana will be laid to rest Saturday.

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