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Suspect in Rankin Co. shooting receives no bond


Cregg Puckett, who is accused of shooting a man multiple times in a property line dispute, received no bond in court on Tuesday.

The Rankin County District Attorney's office formally charged Puckett, 31, with aggravated assault following an argument Sunday evening he had with Thomas Presley.

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey says 31-year-old Puckett shot Presley at the pond that lies on part of Puckett's land in the 2000 block of Florence Byram Road. Witnesses say Puckett became angry when Presley refused to stay off his property.

"We know Cregg he's got a criminal record from what I understand as for what I don't know but we just know he's kind of trigger happy around these part of the woods," said Presley's son.

Presley is improving at UMC. Sheriff Bailey says this isn't the first time Puckett opened fire at his home.

"One in November of 2013 where an individual called in about the suspect shooting a gun while some kids were riding 4 wheelers," Sheriff Bailey explained.

Puckett also had four warrants out for his arrest.

"He had previously been charged with 2 counts of simple assault and then there were also some outstanding traffic violations that he had," said Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest.

However, Puckett's wife who didn't want to be identified says her husband isn't a violent guy. He was just protecting his property.

"He wasn't trying to kill him," she said. "Part of the reason why I was okay with living in this area was knowing that if a situation happens that we can defend ourselves."

The Pucketts are hoping the Castle Doctrine, which allows you to defend yourself with force on your property, can be used as Puckett's defense.

"Based upon the facts as I know them at this point I don't believe that the defendant will be able to rely on the castle doctrine to justify the shooting in that case," Guest explained.

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