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Man shot in Rankin County was allegedly fishing on private property

Cregg Anthony Puckett (Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff) Cregg Anthony Puckett (Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff)
Neighbor apparently trespassed onto man's property at this pond and was shot Neighbor apparently trespassed onto man's property at this pond and was shot

The Rankin County Sheriff's Department is investigating after a man was shot multiple times for fishing on private property.

The shooting happened just after 5:00 p.m. near a pond at 224 Florence-Byram Road in Florence. 

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey said the victim, Thomas Presley, received permission to fish at a pond, that lies on two separate properties.

"I think there's 2 landowners that own different parts of the pond and I think that's where the dispute came into play where the visitor who was there fishing the victim when he stepped across the line that's when the suspect shot him," said Sheriff Bailey.

Sheriff Bailey identified the suspect as Cregg Puckett, 31. Bailey says Puckett shot Presley at least four times.

"He's been transported to UMC where we learned he's in stable condition at this time and the suspect is in custody up here and again it's still an ongoing investigation. Still getting all the details we have several witnesses being debrief right now," Bailey added.

Our Reporter, Annette Peagler spoke to witnesses from both sides.

"We had an individual come on to our property and when he was asked to leave he refused to and made the statement that he would basically walk on to our property anytime that he wanted to," said Puckett's wife.  "He was not making an attempt to kill him... it was just get off my property type of thing," she said.

However, the son of Presley, says that is not true. 

"Cregg was trigger happy," his son explained. "Cregg thought he owned a little more property than he did I guess and when my dad went to discuss where the property line was I guess somehow Cregg lured him on to his property and stated the words 'I got you now' and pulled out a gun and fired his whole clip into him."

District Attorney Michael Guest says after witnesses are interviewed, his office will determine if charges will be filed. Guest said those charges can be aggravated assault, or could be attempted murder. The Puckett's had mentioned using the Castle Doctrine as a defense.

"The Castle Doctrine would be a defense that the shooter can raise in this case," Guest said. "Based upon the preliminary facts as I know, I do not feel at this point that the Castle Doctrine would mitigate the shooting in the case."

Guest says Puckett is due in court Tuesday.

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