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State Aid Held for Roads in Madison Co


Road maintenance in Madison County has been put on hold because the county is out of compliance with MDOT and funding has been put on hold for those projects.

Madison County District 2 Supervisor Ronny Lott says the board received notification from the state engineer advising the county to fix certain projects and because the board didn't respond their state aid was held.

County officials are now working to get those funds restored. It started as an oversight by officials.

"We received 3 letters from state aid engineer and we did not respond to those letters in a timely fashion," said Lott.

The letters included information about maintenance issues on state aid roads in the county. Lott says the issues are minor but need to be addressed.

"We did not lose the funds they just held the funds back to us and ultimately it's not a detrimental blow to the county but it is something that definitely needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed quickly," said Lott.

For the next three weeks the county will be putting out bids to hire contract labor personnel to fix these issues. Once the state engineer sees that improvement has been made, funding shall be restored.

"For some reason it fell between the cracks ultimately and now we are addressing it. We met with Dan Toeller and assured him that we will do this and do this properly," Lott explained.

The supervisors hope to have a resolution in place by June.

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