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JPD says crime is actually down in Jackson


The Jackson Police Department says it's seen a significant decrease among both property and violent crimes in the Capitol City. Assistant Chief Lee Vance says JPD is working towards getting rid of the city's negative reputation of being ridden with crime.

"It's a proven theory that individuals who are around police, who see police, are less likely to commit crimes" said Assistant Chief Vance. "We have to have individuals who understand that there are better ways to resolve conflicts than shooting at each other."

Assistant Chief Vance says three out of the four precincts are reporting lower rates.

"Precinct 1 the south Jackson precinct average over 50 house burglaries a week, this week they reported 3," said Assistant Chief Vance.

In Precinct 1 – there was a 12.1% decrease in crimes from this time last year. Precinct 2 – Central Jackson showed no change. Precinct 3 – Northwest Jackson, crime was down 25 percent and in Precinct 4 – Northeast Jackson it was down 17.6 percent.

Property crimes are leading the numbers as the highest decrease with a 14.1%.

Some Jackson residents were surprised.

"Actually I was surprised, said Jackson resident Faye Speed. "Even though I thought about it, it was surprising to hear even from the media that the crime rate is down in our area in the city of Jackson and that's a wonderful thing to hear even with us not having a mayor at this time."

Vance attributes the lower crime rates to the department's high visibility, a strategy he has been working on the last 5 years.

"It takes a partnership between police and community to achieve crime reduction," he said.

Homicide rates are unfortunately up, but Vance says that category is a work in progress.

"God will make a way on the homicide rate too, said Jackson resident Lamar Robinson.  "if he changed all this burglary stuff he will change the homicide rate too."

"I think it takes steady, consistent progress to disprove that theory and that's what we're working towards," Vance explained.

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