Mother of missing toddler makes court appearance - - Jackson, MS

FBI offers $20,000 reward for information about Myra Lewis' disappearance


The FBI says it is hopeful Myra Lewis is still alive. They are now offering $20,000 reward for her return.

That information was given out during a Monday afternoon press conference hosted by Madison Co. Sheriff's Office and the FBI.

"We would encourage the public to reach out to the FBI to report any information they may have no matter how matter how small you may think that information is," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel McMullen.

The FBI went on to say they've received many leads from many different places, but not that one piece of information that will allow them to solve the case. 

McMullen added, "We believe that there is someone out there that has information as to where little Myra is."

The FBI is also getting out information about the case to their offices in Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana. They hope someone from one of those states may have been passing through the area when Myra Lewis disappeared, and witnessed something that could help solve the case.

Earlier Monday, Ericka Lewis, mother of the missing 2 year old, appeared before a Madison County Justice Court regarding the felony carrying a concealed weapon charge. Her bond is set at 5 thousand dollars.

Lewis has posted bail and a release order was sent to the Madison County Detention Center.

Monday's press conference was held by Special Agent in Charge Dan McMullen and Madison Co. Sheriff Randy Tucker at 3 PM at the Madison Co. Sheriff's Office. 

"Again I understand the desire to determine whether she's missing, abducted and so forth," said McMullen. "But the bottom line is what we know now is that we don't know where she is. And all of this effort is going toward answering that question."

Our reporter, Courtney Ann Jackson, was in the area where the toddler disappeared, this morning. There was no active search going on at Mt. Pilgrim Road at that time.

"We're pretty confident that we've covered that area pretty well," Sheriff Randy Tucker said during Monday's press conference. "But certainly in the event that leads or evidence turns us back in that direction. We'll be more than happy to go back out and do that again."

Myra went missing eight days ago.

She was last seen around 10 a.m. March 1, at her home on Mt. Pilgrim Road in Camden. She was last seen wearing a turquoise sweater with a bear on the front and khaki pants.

On Sunday, Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said, "We branch out following leads through the surrounding community, I won't get into what those leads are but we feel confident that Myra is still in this area."

Tucker also said the case is progressing.

During Sunday's conference Sheriff Tucker commented on rumors regarding little Myra being run over.

Tucker said a brown SUV was taken from the Lewis home on Friday and the vehicle was processed, but there was no blood found.

Ericka Lewis, the mother of little Myra, was arrested Friday.

"You know it's unfortunate the timing of it, you know I won't get into too much detail with the arrest, but she is not charged with anything related to the child at this point," Tucker added.

According to the Madison County Detention Center website, Lewis was charged with felony carrying a concealed weapon.

The charge is in connection with a probation violation.

Lewis was convicted last year of welfare fraud. 

Tucker said Lewis' arrest has nothing to do with Myra's disappearance, but the family isn't buying it.
Ericka Lewis' mother says she is upset about Lewis' arrest and because of the speculation on social media (Facebook and Twitter) that suggests the parents have something to do with Myra's disappearance. 

"My daughter loves her kids and she would never do anything to hurt them," Lewis' mother said. 

The children have been removed by the Department of Human Services from the Lewis home.

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