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Conservator Takes Over Scott Co School District


Parents, teachers and students in Scott County received a bit of good news Wednesday night as they heard from the state appointed conservator for the first time since the district has been declared in a state of an emergency.

The district has been in limbo after failing 27 out of 31 accreditation standards.

More than 100 people packed the Scott County Courthouse to hear from Dr. Mike Vinson, the man chosen to get the district back on the right track.

Dr. Vinson has years of experience in education. He was an administrator in Tupelo and spent years as a superintendent in Rankin County.   

"We will start immediately examining some personnel issues, some financial issues and those types of things," said Dr. Vinson.

In early February, the district's superintendent and school board resigned after the violations came to light.

"Some of the accreditation standards will be fairly easy to correct, some of them will be just a little bit longer," said Dr. Vinson. "But we are going to hit the ground running." 

The district's B rating helped the district keep the accreditation, which means students will keep extracurricular activities, but that rating must be maintained.

"The B rated school district helped them a lot because in that particular case we did not have to withdraw the accreditation," said Deputy State Superintendent Larry Drawdy. "The school district was placed on probation and still allowed to continue with its activities and do the things it needed to do."

"As long as our kids don't have to suffer for choices that some adults made, then we're pretty happy with that," said Tarah Boykin, a parent in the district. "They should get to keep all of their academics and athletics and all if that that's going to be a very big thing because we have some great teams that are playing right now for the playoffs."

Wednesday's meeting put a lot of parents at ease.

"I'm happy again that the kids didn't take the fall for it," said Jacqueline Coward.

As soon as things are back on track in Scott County, the governor will ask for a special election to pick a new superintendent and school board.

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