Air Traffic Recordings Released in Deadly AL Plane Crash - - Jackson, MS

Air Traffic Recordings Released in Deadly AL Plane Crash


Live has posted Air Traffic Control Recordings from a deadly crash in Alabama that killed a Florence couple over the weekend. You can hear when contact was lost between the pilot, Allan Campbell and an air traffic controller.

Atlanta Air Recovery was supposed to remove part of the plane wreckage Monday, but rough terrain has delayed that process until Tuesday. The NTSB investigation is expected to last several days.

"What I want you to do right now is get level wings and maintain an altitude of 2800 or climb to 2,000, I'm seeing a turn there, so I don't want you to get too far off base there," said an air traffic controller giving the pilot advice minutes before contact was lost.  

Monday morning, NTSB investigators returned to the site documenting the wreckage of the Cessna 210. Crews are trying to reconstruct the plane to make sure it's all accounted for.

On you can see the path of the flight that left from Jackson to Alabama and radar shows weather may have been a factor.

"Weather is one aspect of many that we look into," said Senior NTSB Investigator Tim Monville. "The pilot in terms of training and experience and the aircraft is there any maintenance issue or is there anything that caused this to happen."

Monville says the investigation will focus on three major areas: the pilot, the aircraft and the environment. Allan Campbell was a very experience pilot, several ratings and also was a flight instructor.

The couple leaves behind four children.

The investigation could take several days, maybe even weeks.

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