Residents protest to shut down Jackson convenience store - - Jackson, MS

Residents protest to shut down Jackson convenience store


Sunday afternoon, Hinds County Supervisor, Kenny Stokes and about twenty community members rallied outside a Jackson convenient store that has had some run ins with the law. 

Protestors are trying to get Jubilee Food and Deli shut down.

Jackson Police Department raided the convenient store back in January and found guns, drugs like marijuana and opium, pressure washers and televisions. The store was closed for an investigation then reopened two weeks ago.

Folks protested around 2:30 p.m. holding up signs like save our children and stop killing us. They say this store is bringing drugs and problems into their community.  

"Disturbs me contingently like I tell you before they are leaching off our community, not putting nothing back in our community and there's an ordinance on drug paraphernalia but somehow they able to sell it inside these stores," said Stanley Wesley, from the organization, "Respect our Daughters.

"We are not going to tolerate it, I think we need to close these stores down because they are flooding our community with drugs," Wesley added.

The manager says those items were of his employees and he had no idea workers were storing it in his store.

"All the community know me very good, it's the same store, same everything good, it's not a bad store," said Chirag Kharbnda, Manager of  the Jubilee Food and Deli.

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