Seafood lovers track your fish - - Jackson, MS

Seafood lovers track your fish

Have you ever wondered where the fish you ordered from a restaurant actually came from? Thanks to new technology, a local restaurant is apart of a program that gives customers that peace of mind.

"It's really about a movement of chefs and fisherman being ethical is really what this is all about," said Alex Eaton, Owner of The Manship in Jackson.

The restaurant is taking part in a program, The Gulf Wild, that allows people who order fish in the restaurant track where it comes from and any other information about it.

Here's how it works:

There is a gill tag that comes on most of the fish from the gulf that comes into The Manship.   The tag contains a number and that's where you can track it all from who harvested your fish, to where it came from in the gulf, to even the port where it landed.

Customers love this program because it lets them know more about the food they are eating and chefs like it too.

"I think a lot of times you will go to a restaurant and think you're eating maybe USA fish and it may be coming from China or Japan and places that may have different food laws or restrictions on things that we do in the USA and that's kind of scary to me," said Alice Claire Thompson who was dining with her family on Saturday afternoon.

Eaton says this program clears all that up. The Manship is the only restaurant we found in Jackson that actually uses it.

"There's just a lot of people saying they're serving Gulf wild shrimp that are serving in fact Vietnamese shrimp, and it does cost a little more to serve these products that come from our waters just around. But we want people to understand that we are serving them gulf seafood from Mississippi, from Louisiana, from Florida and we are not using imported products," said Alex Eaton, Head Chef/Owner of the Manship.

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