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How to Drive on Icy Roads


Driving in icy conditions is just something folks in Mississippi aren't accustomed to.

Monday night freezing rain hit our area causing black ice on the roadways which can make for a treacherous situation for your commute.

Katherine Windom, who works for SEC Training School in Flowood, has been driving 18 wheelers for years and is now training others how to use them.

"There are extra precautions that must be taken when driving in winter weather," said Windom.

About two weeks ago, a winter storm blasted the metro area causing more than 700 accidents in Mississippi. Monday, Windom showed 3 on Your Side how to properly drive in these conditions.

"First and foremost maintaining safe following distance and the general rule is one second for each ten foot of vehicle length," she explained.

In rain, Windom says to reduce your speed by 1/3, if it's snow reduce it by half and for black ice go to a crawl and stop.

"It makes the road look wet, it's just a thin layer of ice you can the road underneath it so it just looks like water you're driving across  when in actuality once you hit the ice you're going to go into that skid," said Windom. "If you go into a skid what you want to do is release your accelerator never pushes in the break if it's slippery outside you may want to push in that clutch but stay off the break by all accounts."

Also be cautious on bridges and overpasses.

"You come up to an overpass, bridge, get off your accelerator and don't accelerate until you get all the way across the bridge because that's what's gonna ice up first," said Jerry Dale Blakeney, a truck driver.

The main thing is just to be aware.  

"You always want to be a defensive driver, you want to be prepared for any and everything and I tell my students you want to drive for yourself and for other road users so you're always prepared."

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