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Southern MS Prepares for Winter Storm


Parts of Southern Mississippi are expected to be hit the worst during this winter storm headed into the Southern part of the United States region.

The wintery mix hit Southern Mississippi days ago, but on Tuesday those snow falls could be doubled.

"We'll be out 24 hours a day if we do come across stranded motorists or what have you," said Sgt. Benjamin Boyd, Public Affairs Officers with Mississippi Highway Patrol in Brookhaven. "Officers will do 12 hour shifts. If you do get stranded, make sure you have heavy clothing with you just in case it happens, flashlights, maybe some food and water just in case it takes us a little while to get there and of course make sure your cell phone battery is charged."

People in Brookhaven and McComb rushed to supermarkets and stores to stock up before the winter storm. The Walmart in Brookhaven was packed.

"Water, milk, just whatever I can do to have something just in case we get snowed in," said Katrina Ard, of Brookhaven.

There were some people looking forward to having a little fun with the snow.

"We're buying inner tubes, it's playtime in our house," said Missy Thames of Brookhaven.

This type of weather is highly unusual for the South, which is even more reason to use caution. It's important to still be prepared just in case you do lose power or find yourself in an emergency.

"If I have no power I can still cook, I got two kerosene heaters to stay warm with and just kind of gassing up everything, just trying to be prepared," said Karanita Brister of Brookhaven.

Brookhaven and Lincoln County Schools are both closed Tuesday.

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