Student graduates to main-stream classroom - - Jackson, MS

Student graduates to main-stream classroom


Technology has moved a young Louisiana boy from a focused school setting to the main stream classroom.

You first met Courtland Collins in 2010 as he started a program for the deaf at Magnolia Speech School. That's when he received a cochlear implant to improve his hearing.

Courtland's dad is Dave Collins.  "The doctors said they could make him hear and he did," he said. And a year into his therapy at Magnolia Speech School? "The school said they could make him talk and they did."

As is the case with most kids with special needs, parents have to be the driving force to reach this success. The family is from Tallulah, Louisiana, over an hour's drive one way to Jackson.

Courtland's mom is Kendra Collins. She quit her job to fulfill the commitment. "I it was very daunting at first. Just really scary to change your whole life, and do this. But now, I can't imagine not being here every day."

Now, not only is young Courtland speaking. He's also singing at his Magnolia Speech School graduation and he is receiving his diploma. Courtland now moves to k-4 in his hometown of Tallulah.

It's been a labor of love by his parents for their precious son. "Our family is huge. We have a huge support group but Kendra sacrificed a lot. I really appreciate her and I'm really really proud of him," Dave said.

Kendra just embraces the results. "To hear him speak and communicate with complete strangers makes everything worth it because he's just doing so great.

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