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Making a Difference: Carthage Senior Community Outreach Group


We're off to Carthage to meet a lady who is a one-person activities committee. What Sherry Sparkman-Leflore does with her group of senior citizens by her self is amazing.

The Senior Community Outreach Group at Carthage has monthly get-togethers. They really don't have to have an occasion when they get together. But when we visited, they are helping celebrate a couple of couple's anniversaries. But sometimes they play games or just have a meal.

Recently they had their Senior Citizens Prom.

Sherry Sparkman-LeFlore, the senior group organizer says,

"We crowned our prom king and queen and our maids and our man of the year," said senior group organizer Sherry Sparkmen-LeFlore. "And they were honored for different things they have done in life that everybody just seems to forget."  

And that is the main purpose of the Senior Community Outreach Group, so that a large slice of our society who are so easily overlooked, aren't overlooked.

"The Senior Community Outreach Group was a vision that came to me that expressed how much our senior citizens need someone to show them compassion," added Sherry. "To make them feel like they're still a valuable part of society, and that they are needed and the wisdom that they can bring us is just phenomenal."  

And when Sherry came up with the idea for the group, she didn't form a committee or make appeals for funding, she just started having activities and picked up the tab herself.

"God said if you'll go forward, I'll supply your resources," said Sherry.  

Leake County Supervisor Oliver Smith thinks the organization and what it does for the people who have attached themselves to it is a great idea.

"And I hope that someday I'll be remembered as well as they are being remembered now," said Smith.  

"And I love them, I love each and every one of them," added Sherry. "And they think I touch their lives. They actually touch mine."  

And in doing so Sherry Sparkman-LeFlore is Making a Difference for the generation who made such a difference for us.  

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