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Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts first came to Mississippi 20 years ago as one of the youngest Chief Meteorologists in Jackson TV history.  With just a few more gray hairs these days, he's happy to call Mississippi home along with his wife and dog. 

"I've always had a passion for Mississippi weather," said Dave. "This is a place of extremes and it's always interesting." 

Dave not only loves the weather here, but he enjoys the friendly people and the fact that you can't find a bad meal in Mississippi. 

Dave has the AMS Seal of Approval.

His favorite season in Mississippi is winter, but nowhere else would he say that. 

"Sometimes you need a jacket, sometimes you need shorts," Dave added. 

Dave is the Chief Meteorologist for WLBT and Fox40 and you can see his forecasts weeknights on both stations. 

You can follow along and interact with Dave by liking his Facebook page

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