Suspect in murder of homeless woman freed - - Jackson, MS

Suspect in murder of homeless woman freed

Robert Bass   (Source: Jackson Police Dept.) Robert Bass (Source: Jackson Police Dept.)

In March, a homeless Jackson woman died of a fatal stab wound. Her boyfriend was charged with murder, but after three months is now free.

The victim's son tells WLBT that he wants justice.

Robert O'Flaherty said paramedics told him, while being treated for injuries from a motorcycle crash Saturday, that his mother identified the man who fatally stabbed her.

"He said I'm sorry we tried to do everything we could to save your mother," said O'Flaherty.

Forty-seven year old Gina O'Flaherty was found with a knife wound to the abdomen near Southside Baptist Church on March 4.

"My mom, when she got picked up by the paramedics, she did a voice recording for the paramedics that testified that he did intentionally stab her while she was in bed asleep," said the stabbing victim's son.

O'Flaherty said the man who killed his mother is 47-year-old Robert Bass.

Investigators said Bass and the victim lived in a makeshift tent in the woods behind the Raymond Road church.

Her son hopes the paramedic's information will get the Hinds County District Attorney's Office to reopen the case.

Bass was initially charged with murder, but claimed self-defense and was released in June.

"She filed a total of four domestic violence charges against him and put three peace bonds against him and every time she would do that and I would put him out on the road, he would come back that same night and bust the window out and break in on her," said O'Flaherty.

The transmission technician said Bass and another relative lived with his mother before she lost their family home in Jackson.

Officials with the Hinds County D.A.'s Office told WLBT that a grand jury determined that there was not enough evidence to indict, and if more evidence is found, they will try again.

The 24-year-old said he and his family fear Bass and were told he has returned to the tent in the woods.

"My mama's not here, but I'll do everything I can to stand up and speak for her," added the Rankin County man.

Prosecutors in the D.A.'s Office said they met with O'Flaherty's sister and daughter and went over the evidence and the family was satisfied but understandably distraught over the loss of their loved one.

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