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Clarke County utility worker found dead

By Chip Scarborough - email

Three people are in custody in connection with a missing person case that turned into a murder investigation in Clarke County.

Investigators in Clarke County worked throughout Tuesday to try to locate Nathan Baker, an EMEPA employee who authorities say disappeared after making a house call Monday afternoon.

Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp said Baker's body was found Tuesday evening about 5:45, about 4 miles south of Shubuta, in Wayne County, on the Waynesboro-Shubuta Road.

A residence at 1650 County Road 610 in the Carmichael community is where Kemp says Baker made a scheduled stop Monday.

Kemp said Baker was there to turn the power off after the occupants failed to pay their bill.

He says it appears things quickly went downhill after Baker arrived at the home.

A man and woman and their 14-year old son were taken into custody. He said the charge will be murder or capital murder.

"We did find stuff of evidential value here at this home," Kemp said. "Leads us to believe that foul play is amiss here and our investigation will continue."

Sheriff Kemp said Baker's wife called authorities to say her husband didn't come home Monday night. Then EMEPA contacted investigators after Baker didn't show up for work Tuesday morning.

His company vehicle was recovered just a couple of miles from the residence on CR 610.

"We got with EMEPA and we tracked the whereabouts of this vehicle from yesterday, and this was the last known address that the vehicle was at," the sheriff said.

Kemp said on top of that, employees normally leave their vehicles running while they are working, but he says evidence shows that vehicle was turned off.

Therefore, he says whatever happened to Baker happened at the residence on CR 610.

"That would be all the indication that we have found here and I think the evidence will show that," said Kemp.

Kemp said he believes the Ford F150 pickup that was at the residence on CR 610 was involved in moving Baker's body.

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