COPY-Murder for hire suspect in court - - Jackson, MS

COPY-Murder for hire suspect in court

Julian Robert Conn appeared before Rankin County Judge Kent McDaniel Tuesday morning. Conn is charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder for which he could get up to 40 years.  

Judge McDaniel has set a preliminary hearing for February 14th in the case which reads like a novel. 

Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest shared with reporters one of the strange twists in the tale which he expects to come out in court in the preliminary hearing. "Ah he actively sought to have someone kill his sister and brother-in-law and once he was informed of their death, that had not actually happened, they informed him of that as a part of the investigation, he was very excited with that and overjoyed that they were no longer in the picture and the estate in question would be his," said D.A. Guest.

Guest also told reporters about the history of Conn. "Mr. Conn is currently in jail on three charges.  He is in jail on the charge of burglary, possession of a controlled substance, and also possession of a firearm.  We expect Tuesday that there will be testimony from members of the sheriff's department, talking about the investigation in which these allegations surfaced."

Conn sat emotionless throughout the whole proceeding.

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