Virginia College lawsuit

A Jackson attorney has filed a $25 million dollar lawsuit against Virginia College on behalf of several surgical tech students. The lawsuit claims private college's program is not properly accredited with the state of Mississippi.

Not only that, the students were charged dorm and meal expenses, even though the college has no dormitory or cafeteria. This is the 4th lawsuit filed on behalf of attorney Warren Martin. Months ago we first reported the attorney claimed Virginia College defrauded the students out of a lot of money knowing their nursing program had not received initial accreditation by the State Board of Community and Junior Colleges.

That lawsuit may wind up in the Supreme Court according to Warren Martin. Meanwhile the latest suit is demanding $25 million on behalf of students who pay 35 thousand dollars each for the surgical tech program.

According to Martin Friday, "Our research has determined these kids were actually charged by Virginia College for dorm and meal fees and there's no cafeteria and no dorm. Why were they charged? We believe this is one of several acts of fraud perpetuated by the Virginia College on Mississippi citizens and taxpayers."

Martin says the Virginia College contract contains an arbitration which if signed by the students results in them giving up their right to go to court or trial by judge and jury.

We were unable to contact Jackson attorney Robert Gibbs who represents Virginia College for a response.