Hinds County ballots counted, awaiting certification

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The votes have been counted in Hinds County; however, controversy continues to surround the process.

The ballot count was completed Saturday afternoon, but no votes have been certified.

Hinds County Sheriff candidate Tyrone Lewis and representatives for Sheriff Malcolm McMillin returned to the courthouse Sunday.

Both sides are eager for certification and final numbers.

But election officials said the number will not be certified Sunday.

"We don't have the numbers. The numbers are not in the machine. I don't know what the totals are. The numbers are not in the machine. See we can't certify until we get the numbers. So that's what they're doing in there. They're getting the numbers in to the machine," said Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Claude McGinnis.

Democratic officials said a Hinds County Supervisor's race and House of Representative seat will also be affected by the outcome.

Hinds County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Pete Perry reported that officials completed their count with the exception of tallying paper ballots from Wynndale and about 650 absentee and affidavit ballots.

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