Hinds vote count incomplete

Election commissioners in Hinds County have still not announced a winner in the sheriff's race. Today officials continued the vote count with members of the campaigns looking on. Even though it seems like the vote count is dragging out, election officials say they're actually ahead of schedule.

Election executives have ten days to certify the election, but now more votes, and more controversy could slow them down.   Among the machines, and bags and boxes, more uncounted votes from the Hinds county primary are popping up.  A stack of 56 Democratic absentee ballots arrived on election day. The opinion of if they should be counted, depends which campaign you talk to.

Andrew McMillin, Sheriff McMillin's son says, "I would say it's suspect to me or curiosity or both why we wouldn't want to count them."

Tyrone Lewis's Campaign Director Aaron Banks says, "There's no need to make something out of what's not there we don't know where those ballots came from, how they got there."

Hinds County Democratic Party Chair Claude McInnis would not acknowledge the ballots even existed.  He said it was speculation they were even in the Circuit Clerk's office.

The Republican party had over 41 that came in on election day. They say they're all legitimate votes.

Republican Party Chair Pete Perry says, "They were postmarked by Saturday which is the deadline they came in on time so they're properly cast ballot they're supposed to be counted, we plan to count them."

Election committee members found more affidavit ballots late Friday afternoon, stuffed in a bag that had been sitting out in the open in the basement of the Hinds county courthouse. Then more suspicious votes popped up on two voting machines that were at the Pearl street A.M.E. church precinct. Election officials say they weren't added in the totals Tuesday night.

Election Committee members say they will be working on Saturday, continuing the vote count at 8 am.

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