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Casey Anthony searched word 'chloroform' 84 times online

ORLANDO, FL (WFLX) - The Casey Anthony murder trial resumes Thursday with more testimony from a computer forensic expert.

Experts took the stand Wednesday telling the jury, months before Caylee Anthony disappeared, there were 84 searches for chloroform on the family computer.

Prosecutors claim she used chloroform to knock Caylee Anthony out before duct taping her mouth. They forensically investigated her computer in the home.

"Is that a Google search?" asked prosecutor.

"Yes," responded John Bradley, software expert.

"For?" asked prosecutor.

"The words 'neck breaking' with space in between, and a visit to Wikipedia inhalation head injury, ruptured spleen, chest trauma, hand-to-hand combat, internal bleeding," Bradley answered.

All the search results came from the computer three months before little Caylee disappeared. Prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that Casey did homework about ways to kill her daughter.

Her attorney seemed to concede she was the one doing the searches but she was looking for self-defense.

"A computer cannot testify what the a person is reading on the page, right?" said defense attorney Jose Baez.

"Without a security camera watching, that's correct," answered Bradley.

But it also included Web sites about chloroform.

Earlier testimony indicated chloroform was found in Casey Anthony's car trunk. "How many times was that site visited?" asked the prosecutor.

"According to the history, 84 times," Bradley said.

If Anthony is convicted, she does face the dealth penatly.

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