Tornado victims look for aid one week after the storm - - Jackson, MS

Tornado victims look for aid one week after the storm

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YAZOO CITY, MS (WLBT) - One week ago an EF-4 tornado ravaged several Mississippi counties. Victims of that storm are trying to salvage what they can and hope this latest storm system will not cause more damage.  All eyes were watching the skies over Yazoo County hoping the latest storm system would quietly pass by.

"The tarps will not hold any kind of wind.  Just won't hold it and I got a lot of holes in my decking and it's going to hurt," said Terry Saxton.

The tornado seemed to hit Saxton twice, once at his home and once at his business.  The Walnut Hills Golf Course is destroyed, its clubhouse reduced to rubble.  Saxton said the worst part is he won't get federal aid to rebuild.

"FEMA was here today and looked at the house.  I asked him about my business.  He says they do not help businesses they only help people in houses get back to normal," said Saxton.

With power, water and gas he will stay at his home.  Just up the Benton Road Evelyn Corley was packing up to stay with relatives in Madison.

"We are just hoping the wind won't tear them loose and get more damage to the dwelling," said Corley.

Friends and family have helped her haul away debris and tarp the home.  Corley says she has not received help from volunteers and does not know how to find it.   "My concern was without having communication via the newspaper or power source for the TV or radio stations.  You really don't know where to go to ask for assistance," said Corley.

The Red Cross is stepping in to meet people where they are at.

"We have teams of case workers, nurses and mental health workers who are going from family to family to meet with them about what their needs are and to help them get a long term recovery plan," said Red Cross spokesperson Paige Roberts.

Yazoo City Church of Christ located on Broadway Avenue is collecting items to help tornado victims.  They do not need clothes.  The church is accepting bedding, cleaning supplies such as mops, buckets and rakes. hey also need paper items like lunch bags, toilet paper, and paper towels.

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