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Deep Oscillation Therapy

When you have an injury, surgery, an overuse condition, like carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, plantar fasciatis or whatever, there is an accumulation of metabolic waste which becomes trapped in the interstitium.  It is trapped because the various components such as acids, by-products from protein syntheses, neuro-transmitters, and other cell waste are either Positively or Negatively charged particles or molecules.  Dissimilar Charges ATTRACT each other.  Acids have a Positive polarity.  Some of the other waste products have Negative polarity.  Positives and Negatives attract each other and bind to each other in the interstitial spaces in the connective tissues.  Over time, these molecules attracted more and more dissimilar charged particles until there is an impasse in the interstitium.  These groups of molecules become toll large to move freely into the lymphatic collectors.  this phenomenon causes a cessation of normal uptake of nutrients, and elimination of waste by the cells and an acid condition in the tissue develops.

When Deep Oscillation® is introduced into the tissues, the molecules are separated momentarily (like charges repel).  The patient's tissues are attracted to the hands of the therapist, which causes a "micro compressive" effect in the tissues.  This compressive effect combined with the simultaneous separation of the molecular particles allows them to once again move freely into the lymphatic collectors and out of the body.  (Ember, it's like a golf ball that is stuck inside a water hose.  Deep Oscillation® makes BB's out of the golf ball so they can be moved into the lymphatic collectors, then into the lymph nodes and on through the subclavian artery, jugular vein, into the heart, the lungs, the kidneys and then from the bladder to the waste treatment plant).  This is the reason for the almost miraculous results the HIVAMAT accomplishes.  NOther other devise in the world specifically focuses on the microcirculatory system in the connective tissue.  Ultrasound lacks the interpulse interval (discharge circuitry) and decisive polarity change, plus, the micro compressive effect of Deep Oscillation® Therapy.

You CAN treat through the heart and the carotid sinus, because there is NO nerve or muscle fiber depolarization and re-polarization activity.  It is totally safe to use over metal implants, growth plates on growing bones, fracture sites, immediately after surgery or trauma.  Always use immediately after an injury and then ice the area or treat it with any other modality you can use.  The reason is, we are clearing out the microcirculatory system in the connective tissue.  Anything else you do afterward is only going to work that much better.

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