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Father pleas for daughter's safety

BENTONIA, MS (WLBT) - A heated placement battle has a Bentonia father calling Three On Your Side for help.

Curtis Foster fears his daughter will be returned to what he calls an abusive home.

The mother, Megan Thomas, lives in Utah. She has been in and out of jail from 2005 to 2007 convicted of forgery and theft. The parents have always shared joint custody. But in April 2009, the Department Of Human Services decided to place the little girl in Mississippi with Foster after being abused by her step dad in Utah.

A text message revealed in court documents that Thomas's husband even threatened to kill the toddler. For the last 11 months Foster and his parents have been caring for Kinlee. On Thursday a judge ruled it was now safe for the girl to return to her mother for joint custody and must now stay in Utah.

"My father has done so much for his granddaughter where it's come to the point that he's maxed out his credit cards on attorneys. He took out another $10,000 loan on our land for attorneys. We've done everything in our powers to keep her here. Now they're just going to send her back because they couldn't do their job in Utah?", Foster explained

Foster's attorney says a full investigation into the matter was never conducted. They are appealing this ruling.

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